Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs in Horsham, Brighton and All Surrounding Areas

At Wayne Sweep Chimney Sweeps, we undertake seamless chimney repairs to return chimneys to top condition. Our chimney specialists cover everything from chimney stack rebuilding to leadwork and chimney flaunching so you can have complete confidence in our repair skills. We use our many years of industry experience to assess the state of your chimney, establish the required work and complete all services efficiently and effectively. Our team covers domestic properties of all shapes and sizes in Horsham, Brighton and the surrounding areas.

Our experts also offer chimney repointing to restore chimneys damaged by inclement weather or time. We are happy for you to call us to discuss your unique requirements.


Chimney Repair Work

Chimneys serve a key function in homes, are aesthetically pleasing and are constantly exposed to the elements. This means, over time, chimneys will deteriorate and need to be repaired. At Wayne Sweep Chimney Sweeps, we offer full guidance and professional advice on your chimney and the required repair work to ensure it is safe and functioning optimally, if applicable. In addition to repairs, we can also fit chimney cowls and caps to prevent debris and dangerous gases from entering your property.

Our chimney specialists always leave buildings immaculate and finish a complete clean-down after jobs so homes are safe, clear and clean.

The core aspects of the chimney repairs we manage in and around Horsham and Brighton include:

  • Chimney Flaunching

  • Leadwork

  • Chimney Stack Rebuilding


Chimney Flaunching

Chimney flaunching is the strong mortar mix that holds chimney pots in place. It provides a robust waterproof barrier to keep the interior of your chimney and your property dry. When flaunching becomes cracked, water can enter, leading to more serious damage. We offer chimney flaunching repairs using sand and cement to prevent future leaks.


Leadwork serves as a protective barrier and is another element of chimneys that helps prevent water from entering homes. It creates a watertight seal between the roof and the chimney and safeguards against water-related deterioration and leaks. When damaged, your home is at risk of water infiltration. Our team manages specialist leadwork services to keep properties dry.

We can also fit new chimney pots if they are cracked or damaged.

Chimney Stack Rebuilding

If the bricks of your home in Horsham, Brighton, or any of the surrounding areas are damaged or missing, your chimney stack may need to be fully rebuilt by our chimney specialists. At Wayne Sweep Chimney Sweeps, we complete all chimney repairs with expertise and consideration of you and your existing structure.

The common signs of chimney damage that indicate it’s time to call our professionals include:

  • Visible Cracks

  • Loose Render

  • Eroded Masonry

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