Chimney Cowls

Chimney Cowls in Horsham, Brighton and All Surrounding Areas

Chimney cowls are typically fitted to the top of chimney pots. It is their job to prevent downdrafts, increase the draft of chimneys, stop inclement weather from entering the chimney and homes and prevent birds and squirrels from nesting in chimney cavities. At Wayne Sweep Chimney Sweeps, our chimney specialists fit a range of top-of-the-line cowls to domestic chimneys in Horsham, Brighton and all surrounding areas.

We are happy for you to contact us to discuss how our experts can improve your chimney. Our team can also advise on all the different chimney caps and cowls we offer to help you make the right choice for your building.


Chimney Cowls

Our chimney specialists offer various types of cowls to improve the functionality of chimneys. The popular chimney cowls we offer include:

  • Spinner Cowls

  • Anti-Downdraft Cowls

  • Bird Guard Cowls (Round or Square)

  • Witches Hat Cowls


Spinner Cowls

Spinner cowls work by the wind catching their fins and rotating the globe to prevent the air from going down the chimney. They are designed to improve the draft of chimneys by creating a vacuum effect to draw air up and out of chimneys. These cowls help prevent fumes and smoke from entering properties and improve the efficiency of heating systems.

They aim to reduce downdrafts but may not be able to eliminate them entirely. Our chimney specialists can advise on additional measures to protect your chimney.

Anti-Downdraft Cowls

The main function of our anti-downdraught cowls is to reduce downdraught in your chimney. Downdraught is a common issue that can cause smoke to be drawn back into rooms. These chimney cowls greatly improve the efficiency of stoves.

Bird Guard Cowls (Round or Square)

Birds often like to nest and live in chimneys, posing a serious carbon monoxide hazard. Birds' nests can also cause dampness in redundant chimney breasts. Instead of blocking off chimneys with nests, our team clears them and installs bird guard cowls. We can remove bird nests using specialist chimney sweeping tools and expert skills.

Witches Hat Cowls

Witches hat cowls offer superior durability and protect all types of domestic properties. They are flexible, effective installations with a long lifespan. These chimney cowls help improve the efficiency of chimneys and keep debris and birds out.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are the perfect solution for disused properties in Horsham, Brighton and the surrounding areas. These caps are used to close off chimney pots entirely to eliminate water ingress and prevent birds, squirrels, and insects from entering buildings and causing damage. The Wayne Sweep Chimney Sweeps team offers heat-save chimney caps to improve efficiency.

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